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Our projects in the gaming industry

  • Cooking Craze

    Cooking Craze

    Cooking Craze

    A fun game in the genre of time management, which we released in 2017 in partnership with the American publisher Big Fish Games.

    Open authentic restaurants around the world. Serve up burgers in New York City! Visit wonderful pastry shops in Paris! Cook on the grill in Rio!

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  • Rescue Team

    Rescue Team

    Rescue Team

    An exciting game with unusual puzzle levels. Become the head of the rescue team and help city residents! Extinguish fires, tackle emergency situations, help get kitties off trees. Develop your tactics for completing levels: get additional rewards for speed.

    The project was released recently, and we are currently actively working on making it even better. There are still so many interesting things that lie ahead!

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  • Tribe Rush

    Idle Farm

    Tribe Rush

    A fun farming simulator where you build your own automated farm empire. Start as a new farmer, then work your way up to agricultural tycoon one step at a time. Develop your production and earn income with just a few taps. Start with a small farm and gradually lead your business to success!

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We are currently working on preparing several more projects for release. After the release, you will most definitely see them here.